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PHP or Node.js: Which is Better and Why?

The technology has been developing at a rate in the past decade like never before. The growth seems to stop nowhere soon and is expected to create a major transition in the world we live in.

At the shore of the technology is the base formed by a number of languages to be built upon into a number of different structures each for different use.

The languages and development of such structural platforms vary in their significance, ease of usage, performance, compatibility, and execution and hence are to be chosen wisely in accordance with the motive.

Node.js and PHP have come up as the most widespread and popular names in the field of technological development and backend programming.

Node.js is an open-source, JavaScript runtime environment that is cross platform and executes the JavaScript code outside of a browser.

It is a server-side platform built upon Google Chrome’s Engine to develop fast and scalable network applications. It is fast, highly scalable, overcomes buffering, asynchronous, and event-driven.

Backend programmers are the ones who are often found to be in a dilemma of selection between the two as the best language to execute a project. Both languages assure a great deal of web programming experience to the developers as well as the end-users through the final result.

The coding in PHP is comparatively quicker and simpler than Node.js and hence is initially more attractive and seems beneficial to be used.

On the other hand, Node.js seems to be a bit of a more complicated language. The deployment of developed programs in case of Node.js is a complex and infra required project.

Both languages have their respective pros and cons as follows:

  • PHP language is highly supported by a number of hosting platforms and hence is easier to work upon and deploy hosting to the web program. Node, on the other hand, uses a virtual server for the same.
  • PHP, however, provides a reliable and stable performance of the developed programs; Node.js is speedy and provides quick turnaround time for the web programs.
  • Node.js is a more flexible and scalable platform than PHP. It has limited boundaries and dependencies which make it more agile and easier to work with huge files.
  • Node.js is not very much suitable for handling CPU intensive activities although being highly responsive and user-friendly.
  • PHP sometimes gets unmanageable with the huge amount of codes which the Node.js platforms hardly face.

As seen by the competition between PHP and Node.js, both the platforms seem to have their own benefits and are advantageous when used in focus on the desired outcome.

The major question to be asked when choosing the languages must be which language can be used to serve the purpose in a better way rather than questioning the efficiency and ability of both the languages to work.

So, we hereby conclude that both languages are great platforms to work with and come with awesome benefits. We also found out who are the most likely people and working dimensions most compatible with the respective languages.